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Coyote History.

NWI Coyotes formed in 2022 from the closing of EduSports. NWI Coyote Youth Football is a Not For Profit 501(c)(3) formed to provide a safe and effective learning program for youth in Northwestern Illinois. Our program is run soley from volunteers driven with a common vision for better youth tackle football. 

We are a part of the Northern Illinois Football Conference.The NIFC was created in 2006 in efforts to bring a more positive experience to the youth in our communities. The philosophy of our team and the entire leauge is simple...  "It's about the kids!"

Coyotes through the years

2010 - 2018

Dakota Youth Football

In the beginning years the program was known as Dakota Youth Football under EduSports started by a group of volunteers lead by Gary Giesman. The program was run through a group of volunteers and even included sports like volleyball & track. 



The program rebranded to the NWI Coyotes through EduSports. The program was still ran through volunteer lead by Gary Giesman. 

2022 & Beyond

NWI Coyotes Youth Football 

Gary stepped down & NWI Coyotes Youth Football was formed to replace EduSports. The program ran the 2022/2023 year using the equipment & trailer borrowed from past years. The 2024 season will start as a clean slate, only using the equipment purchased through funds from the first season. We plan to keep the program up and running for MANY years to come, offering a place for the kids to learn and grow!


NWI Roster-1 (1).png

Get to Know Us

On behalf of everyone involved in our programs, we would like to say thank you for your continued support and the opportunities you help to provide to our children!

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